Reflections on Justin Bieber

My daughter’s blog on the trials and tribulations of living with a Belieber.

Jaz Says

Being the sister of a “dedicated” (as she puts it) Belieber, I’ve been shown an insight into the world of Bieber that seems to only be reserved for his fans. I have learned an unprecedented amount about the Biebs and I am up-to-date (via my sister) about all his latest escapades. In light of the recent controversy he has stirred up involving Anne Frank, I feel compelled to make my final deductions on the Belieber community and on Bieber himself. 

At first, Jada’s interest towards Bieber seemed benign. Celebrity crushes are normal for tweens and teens, after all. Little did I know, this love for the star would blow up to hugely underestimated proportions. It seems that Bieber exerts an influence on these impressionable young girls that turns some of them, quite frankly, into malicious, jealousy-ridden gossips. Once you have started to like Justin Bieber, you will be sucked into…

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