Baking Cakes, Being Grateful, Community & Fundraising


There are 25 eggs sitting on the side, three packs of butter, two punnets of strawberries and fresh cream in the fridge. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to hosting our wonderful community weekly coffee morning. It’s my last before I return to work next week. Every week the mums and kids in our neighbouring streets get together to chat, eat and support each other. I’ve been very privileged to live in this community, where I can walk down the road and say hello to many people. I can tell you the names of most of our neighbours. There’s one woman in particular who organises this, Hannah H, she deserves a nomination for a honours for community work if you ask me.

Anyhow, tomorrow I’ve asked if they wouldn’t mind me hosting a fundraiser for the CF Trust, as part of the Big Cake Bake.  As you may know my daughter was diagnosed with CF a few months ago, my blog tells our story. A researcher recently sent me this message.

“You and your family should be very positive about your daughter’s future.  She was identified by newborn screening, the multidisciplinary teams that care for individuals with CF do an amazing job and new therapies that tackle the root cause are now being tested in the clinic.”

For our Cake Bake and coffee morning I’ve started collecting virtual donations from family and friends who cannot be there. I’ve been totally blown away by the generosity of people, especially during these austere times. I feel proud to raise money for such a worthwhile cause and proud to have family and friends who support our activities. I am extremely grateful.

If you feel, please visit our Just Giving page and make a donation. Doesn’t matter how small or large, every little helps.

There are so many fundraisers that it’s hard to pick which ones to donate too. It’s likely to be one that touches your heart or one that you feel I hope that never happens to me.

Please bear with me while I mention two other fundraisers.

My cousin has very recently experienced a family tragedy and I was humbled by the generosity seen on his fundraising page for First Touch, exceeding his target by 181%. I’m sure if you read his story you will feel touched by his efforts.  I’ve been reflecting on this giving and expression of support during difficult times. Seeing family pull together for a cause is inspiring. My lovely sister-in-law and 13 year old niece ran Race for Life to raise money for their charity. Wonderful!

At times of need some people step out into the forefront to provide support, often people who you least expect. If you are one of those people, stand proud as you are wonderful! Thank you and enjoy a slice of virtual cake above.


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