5/6/14 – 3pm Update

From another CF parent, we have befriended each other via social media. It’s CF Awareness Month. Let’s raise awareness. Get well soon Austin.

For Austin Woods

Austin is currently taking a nap so I finally have some time to write a quick update. We are STILL waiting for his RSV culture to come back, which sucks because until it comes back, Austin is not allowed to go outside of his room! His breathing rate is still fast, but his lungs do sound better according to his respiratory therapists, doctors and pulmonary team. His constipation is no longer existent with the help of 1/2 a packet of Miralax a day in his morning bottle.

As for the bronchoscopy, it is officially scheduled for Thursday at 3pm, however we are still not sure if it is going to happen. The main reason they want to do it is to get a really good deep lung culture to see what kind of stuff he is growing in there. This will help them determine if his current antibiotics need to…

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