So the good news is… no growth from bronchoscopy. Relieved. However, due to her cough persisting despite domestos antibiotics we are in for another 7 days.

So this had me thinking. As a doctor I often look at the patient’s bedspace. It tells you a lot about them and who their friends and family are. It’s your ‘home’ when you are in hospital. Fruit and chocolates may remain uneaten. Cards and photos displayed. Sputum bottles, urine bottles and who knows what else. I took a picture of Minty’s hospital table today. Cards, medicines, high calorie food, toys, drinks and much more.

I’d love to see other photos and put them up for others to see on this blog. If you are a patient, take a pic of your bed table (with appropriate permissions) and send it to me. Tweet it to @morefluids. Let me know your age and a bit about you. Thanks for sharing!


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