Home from the Hospital

So delighted to bring Minty home from her hospital stay, a few days earlier than expected. Down to failed IV access and difficulty getting lines into her chubby feet, arms and hands. Her cough resolved after taking longer we would have liked. Home on high dose oral antibiotics (which she really doesn’t like taking) and extra physiotherapy. I worry slightly about her being home and not getting the full dose of IV antibiotics. But overall, absolutely ecstatic that she can sleep in her own bed, rough and tumble with her brother and get her routine back to normal. She did brilliantly well in hospital, fared much better than we did! I am now left dreading the time until her next hospital admission . One week, one year, three years?? Who knows.

The hospital stay was a bit of an altered reality. We came home to try and resume normal life again. We had our first family meal last night, all six of us sat around the table as usual. Chat was around exams, Bieber, friends, food and our upcoming family holiday.

I leave absolutely determined again to raise funds for research and support for those with CF. Sunday is our skydive – yikes!! This is our last few days of fundraising, so if you’ve been meaning to give, never given to charity before or want to support Cystic Fibrosis Trust the time is now! We cannot wait too long for a cure. I cannot bear the unknown future for Minty. I want her to have a normal life. A life that her cheeky little face and snuggliness deserves. Donate here. Thank you so so much for your support and kindness. That’s it for now.

Back to work tomorrow.

P.S. If anyone has any tips for surviving hospital stays and remaining positive, do please share!


'Chest is clear, with equal air entry throughout. No added sounds'.

‘Chest is clear, with equal air entry throughout. No added sounds’.


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