Patients Who Inspire Doctors

As a doctor we meet patients who inspire us, move us and motivate us to continue in this challenging career. Recently, I was called to ED resus to see an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, their heart was beating, but they were in a very bad way. I intubated them and took them to the Cath Lab. It was very bleak indeed. A young person, younger than me infact. You can imagine everyone’s sheer joy to see them up and talking three days later. No words to express how amazing that was. Early community CPR and use of a community defribrillator was absolutely critical. That persons co-workers saved their life. They were my ‘star patient’ this week, this year. Infact, this ever.

What’s a star patient? I recently wrote about them for The Guardian entitled The patient who showed me how to be a better doctor and person.


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