From There to Here

Medical school graduation and my girls!

Medical school graduation and my girls!

My previous entries are from 10 years ago. Just a brief re-cap to bring you up-to-date. Moved 5000 miles from California to England. Changed lifestyles, divorced, re-married and graduated medical school 3 years ago (see pic with number three in my tummy). Now a mum of four children and married to another doctor. It has been quite a journey – never focused on the destination just took each day at a time. Sometimes it felt as if I would never graduate medical school, much as it feels that I will never finish foundation year 1 as a doctor. But I did graduate, even managed honours, and am now set to finally finish FY1 this year having taken three years with two babies during it.  The journey still continues and I am enjoying (when I can) the ride. The destination? Who knows! Ride along with me.


Journey into Medicine

I decided on a medical career back in 1998. It took a long time to get there. I graduated medical school in 2010. Kids and life meant that the journey was, and still is, long and meandering. I’m putting up some of my earliest blogs about my journey. Many of these posts are 10 years old, when I volunteered in a US hospital doing obstetric, radiology and emergency rotations. There I first saw death, operations and experienced the world of medicine. I was addicted and knew it was the career for me. Even after all these years I still have the same feelings described in my early observations.

I will begin those with the title Journey into Medicine. No patients or places are at all identifiable, things have been changed to protect the identity of anyone involved.